Laurie Chetwood talks to Peter Murray OBE, Curator-in-Chief of NLA, about the physical impact that online retailing is having on building design, and how new logistics solutions are being designed to co-locate with other uses in and around London.

They discuss Industrial Intensification and the redevelopment of SIL land, multi-storey and below-ground logistics engineering, creating value by repurposing ‘hidden spaces’, successfully co-locating building uses, the relocation of the City of London Markets, and the opportunities for new logistics infrastructure including Chetwoods’ Well-line plan to repurpose the Mail Rail under central London.

The full interview can be viewed on the NLA website here

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We act as master planners, design and delivery architects and ESG consultants on logistics and industrial projects throughout the UK, in Europe and China.  Our pioneering work has resulted in many firsts: