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We need to incorporate cutting-edge technologies in all our work to achieve sustainable architecture with a measurable positive impact on human well-being and the environment.

We have developed a data-centric approach to design, using cutting-edge technology in digital monitoring, VR and AI, and creating digital twins, to inform our architecture at different levels and scales.

Our design teams engage with these technological advances to incorporate systems for knowledge-based insights throughout the design, delivery and lifetime of our buildings.

Process & Delivery

Chetwoods have a wealth of experience designing and delivering complex schemes across a range of sectors. Our belief in a strong collaborative approach has led to long partnering relationships with a number of clients where the ability to deliver to quality, cost and time constraints is paramount. To achieve this we have developed our internal design management approach to focus on all aspects of the project.

We use a Charrette process to encourage dialogue, help people feel involved, get feedback, and assess the viability of our design ideas.

We want to create buildings that give back as much as they take, so input from stakeholders is critical. Our Charrette sessions are a direct and effective way of engaging with interested parties throughout the concept design and brief development stages of a project. They keep us on track and keep everyone happy.


We use BIM across the Practice to ensure seamless collaboration, communication and control between all partners involved in the planning, design, delivery and management of a building. BIM also provides the flexibility to integrate, interrogate and improve a design as required throughout the different stages of a project.

As Architects we can provide data rich models that can be used by the rest of the design team. As Lead Designers we also offer services to co-ordinate project teams and their models. We have also helped clients to develop BIM protocols and execution plans, working with them to identify key asset information to minimise their costs.

We participate in a number of BIM working groups to ensure we keep up to date with the latest technologies and industry standards. To date we have completed 9,000,000 sq.ft of projects covering a range of sectors within a BIM environment with a further 4,000,000 sq.ft on site this year.

Virtual Reality

We have embraced the use of virtual and augmented reality as additional tools to bring our models and projects to life allowing clients a deeper, emotional understanding of a building.

Using a mobile VR/AR set up we create virtual spaces that clients can experience before they are built.  This gives stakeholders the ability to analyse the scale and flow of their buildings early in the design process, helping to influence decisions and give confidence when signing off a design through the various RIBA work stages.

We also offer 3D visualisations. Every visualisation is mapped with the greatest precision and attention to detail, creating photo-realistic architectural visualisations of a building’s interiors and exteriors that allow our clients to market the development before the project is complete.


Case Studies


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