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Designed in partnership with Brookfield/Gazeley the Wuhan International Eco-logistics Park masterplan is for a multi-modal and multi-functional logistics park on an unprecedented scale. It will introduce a ground-breaking concept within China for an eco-logistics city powered by renewables.

Situated on the Yangtze River, Wuhan is located at China’s geo-economical heart and is the biggest water, land and transportation hub in inland China.

The goals of the project include an integrated low-carbon transport network, the optimisation of natural capital, localised renewable energy (producing thermal and generating electrical), enriched communities, creation of industrial interdependence and the delivery of economic viability.

The vision for the Wuhan International Eco-logistics Park is to create the environment for innovative industrial interdependence, adopting a commercially productive, socially beneficial, ecologically intelligent approach to the making of things. It will reflect the 5000-year tradition of Chinese agriculture that humanity can have a mutually beneficial relationship with the biological world in ‘cradle-to-cradle’ rather than ‘cradle-to-grave’ agriculture.

It is one of several projects Chetwoods is currently working on in China.

Key facts
  • Client: Brookfield / Gazeley
  • Location: Wuhan, China
  • Size: 16km²
  • Status: Concept