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Chetwoods Studio Works Thrive


Chetwoods is a finely balanced organisation, our three divisions constantly inspiring, supporting and complementing each other. While the grand concepts and imaginative leaps emanate from our Studio, Works finds the best ways of transforming these into actuality, and Thrive contributes its pioneering thinking on environmental wellbeing and health benefits.

The three elements are applied collectively or independently as appropriate, bringing different layers of knowledge and expertise to relevant projects. Techniques and breakthroughs in one area can often spark new initiatives and directions in another. While there’s a common thread and forward-looking mindset evident throughout the organisation, we are constantly learning from each other and pushing each other forward.

Case Studies


Sainsbury’s, Thanet – A retail pilot project in BIM

The client identified this project as a pilot in their adoption of BIM. The project was initially used to test...

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Baytree, Dagenham

Chetwoods and Baytree are working with the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) and BREEAM to develop this new build project...

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AJ Crown Estate Competition

The open ideas AJ/Crown Estate Future Office competition asked architects and designers to respond to the challenge of designing an...

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