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Our Studio is a hub for innovative design ideas and creative adventure. We question convention and take creative risks, using original thinking and unfettered imagination as our primary tools. Led by Laurie Chetwood, we approach each project with an open mind, taking inspiration from past, present, and even conceptual incarnations of the future. It’s only by taking the next step, pushing what’s possible, having the vision and bravery to unleash the unexpected that true advances can be made.

Explore, Create, Make

The Studio is designed as a flexible and informal space where we can explore and share ideas with clients, interact with other creative disciplines, and fuse information and inspiration to create new spaces in which people can thrive.

We use traditional drawing skills as a crucial part of our design development process – nothing beats sketching in real time during a design charrette to visualise and communicate ideas and concepts.  Drawing allows unrestricted imagination to create spaces, and express unique ideas, before the design process moves across to computers for technical interpretation and delivery. Depending on the context we use a range of drawing tools, from pen and pencil on paper to hand drawing on tablet computers.

Once our initial sketches have been turned into digital representations we use the Studio’s latest Virtual Reality technology to check how the design is working, and to help our clients experience non-existent space.

Art, Science & Nature

We avoid purely technical solutions based on process and data.  Science suggests humans take comfort from natural shapes, lines of sights and contouring, and we borrow organic forms and structures from nature to produce design solutions that are not just highly functional, but also aesthetically pleasing.

We’re also pushing the reconnection of art with architecture to make our buildings more human, emotional and enjoyable, as well as intellectually stimulating to engage with. We have had jewellery, ceramics, fine art, fashion and engineering students working with us in the Studio.

Together we explore the different approaches and techniques of our disciplines, helping the students develop their own work while adding fresh insight to ours.

Sixth Sense Architecture

We design buildings that are clever, beautiful and enjoyable. We know that if you get the five human senses right, interpreting and applying them with imagination, you will create a Sixth Sense of overall wellbeing, delivering spaces and places that people will love, and in which they can flourish at work, rest or play.

We’re constantly pushing what’s possible, determined to lead the way with forward-facing research and development.

Our R&D projects explore future-focused design ideas, technologies and materials — they are ambitious, experimental and uplifting.

Where relevant, we bring these concepts and findings back into our commercial projects, working with clients who share our quest for the best socially, environmentally and economically sustainable design.

Case Studies


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The open ideas AJ/Crown Estate Future Office competition asked architects and designers to respond to the challenge of designing an...

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