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Thrive supports the design and delivery of projects that will enhance our environment and improve our health and wellbeing.

We’ve created a toolkit of design drivers to ensure that ethical, environmental and healthy principles are embedded in all our schemes and procurement processes.

We take responsibility for our actions and demonstrate that there are solutions to the climate emergency that will enable us to thrive.

Enhancing our Environment

The Chetwoods Thrive team are environmentalists first, architects and designers second.  We search for the best solutions to protect the eco-systems on which we all rely.  We share this knowledge internally within the Practice through design reviews, and externally at talks and seminars.

A client can always assume that environmental design will be an integral part of the projects Chetwoods design and deliver.  The Thrive team can also be employed directly to assist at project meetings to help clients deliver the most environmentally friendly building projects possible: buildings that not only have neutral impact on the environment (ie Net Zero Carbon) but enhance it to give back more than what has been taken away.

Improving our Health

At Chetwoods we’ve explored and understand the correlation of the design of spaces and the physical and mental health and wellbeing of their occupants.  Our Thrive Director was one of the first architects in the UK to be a qualified WELL Accredited Professional (AP).

The Thrive team ensure that we incorporate these architectural WELL Building Standard principles in all our projects, and we can be appointed directly to enable a WELL building certification.

Beyond Buildings

Utilising a holistic mindset and the analysis tools that we’ve developed, we identify the unnecessary and make processes and design clever, saving time and money and reducing negative impacts on people and the planet.

This is a new form of project management that is now required in order to deliver against the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, and can be applied in all facets of life, not just buildings.

We apply this approach to assess the value chains of projects and businesses in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals, and to formulate route maps that make sustainability simple for our clients.

We also work with clients to put together their Environmental Social Governance (ESG) policies, applying our experience and expertise to their events, business activities, products and buildings.


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Magnitude Magna Park Milton Keynes Chetwoods Architects - David Morris Photography

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Baytree Logistics Properties, Dunstable

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