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The Zetter Hotel occupies a refurbished Victorian warehouse building on a tight urban site in the heart of Clerkenwell. The brief was to create a hotel that would connect social and private spaces on all levels while avoiding the ‘rabbit warren’ of corridors often associated with hotel designs.

The concept was developed around a five storey atrium, with rooms wrapping around the building’s external envelope. Walkways overlooking the atrium provide access to all rooms, while allowing natural light and air to penetrate deep into the building’s interior.  This innovative spatial design maximised the number of guest-rooms achievable per floor.

The result is an innovative yet sensitive solution that reinvented the inner city hotel experience, putting environmental design top of the agenda.

Chetwoods worked with the client and design team from inception through to completion. Along with the approach to the interiors early discussions with the LPA enabled the introduction of a penthouse level without disturbing key views within the local conservation area.

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