Our concept for a new generation of stations across the UK rail network proposes a beautiful and sustainable railway station typology that will support passenger health and wellbeing, while also providing a multi-purpose amenity for the local community.  This approach is based on a rail-transportable modular system that allows elements to be added to repurposed existing station buildings and switched easily as and when uses change.

All visitors – whether train travellers or from the local community – will arrive in a landscaped Station Plaza designed to promote fun, imagination, communication and collaboration. This flexible space can be tailored in response to local community needs.

The modular approach uses a  ‘kit of parts’ which can be easily costed, letting the design of individual stations reflect local vernacular-based decisions and budget allowances, and facilitating the integration of different environmental and amenity features as required.

The design is based on zero carbon and circular economy construction and operation principles. The Station Plaza is Net Zero Carbon in alignment with the UKGBC Net Zero Buildings Framework Definition and the RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge targets using circular economy principles.  The integration of Digital Twin technology will allow real time analysis to track performance and user experience and impact, so the flexible modular design can adapt and evolve over time if required.

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