Chetwoods Works specialises in a data centric and digital approach that complements our Studio and Thrive drivers.

Works enhances both our own and our clients’ understanding of what really ‘works’ when designing for people and the environment and you can download our new Works Brochure here.

In this guide you’ll discover:

  • Our method for using analytics and insights into emerging technology to drive design
  • How we harness Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to futureproof real-world design
  • The process for taking BIM to the next level with business intelligence


Chetwoods works - Data Centricity


Digital Twin

Chetwoods Works - Digital Twins

Generative Technologies

Chetwoods Works - Generative Design Technologies

Computer Vision

Chetwoods Works - Computer Vision


Chetwoods Works - Project Intelligence

For further information please contact our Works Team